Friday, May 22, 2009

Welcome to UltraSmoothJazz!

Around the country, FM radio stations have been dropping the Smooth Jazz format -- including stations in New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco earlier this week, and today Chicago. By doing so, radio stations are abandoning hundreds of thousands of listeners who love Smooth Jazz music as part of their day.

Fortunately, Internet radio offers a solution: Welcome to!

We're dedicated to keeping the Smooth Jazz format alive and well. And, in fact, in some ways, it's better than ever. Compared to the FM version of Smooth Jazz, you'll see several changes (and hopefully you'll feel they're improvements):
  • We've got nine different channels of music, focusing on different styles, instruments, and moods, with more coming soon.
  • We'll play far fewer commercials: Instead of 8-12 minutes per hour of spots, we'll typically have less than 2 minutes per hour.
  • You can customize the artists we play on your stream via the "Artist list" tab.
  • You can skip songs you don't like.
  • We have comprensive "Now playing" information, including title, artist, album, composer, year of release, and a link to the Amazon page for the CD that's playing.
  • Deeper playlists -- thousands of songs instead of just a few hundred.
  • A greater emphasis on actual jazz artists (i.e., less "pop adult contemporary").
UltraSmoothJazz is a work in progress. Let us know if you like it... and how we can make it better. Just use the "Comments" section below or the ShoutBox on our homepage.

And thanks for listening to!


P.S. How to listen to Internet radio in your car: Currently, this requires either an iPhone or a BlackBerry Bold, Curve, or Storm. (Support for more phones is coming soon. And of course in a couple of years from now, this will be a lot easier.) Just download an app called "FlyCast," select "AccuRadio" from the webcaster guide, and select "Jazz" as your format. (AccuRadio is our sister website; you'll get very similar channels to ours, albeit not identical.) As long as your smartphone is in your car: Voila! You've got Internet radio in your car!


  1. I'm a huge fan of smooth jazz. We had 107.5 here in Dallas the radio got bogged down with way too many commericals,then the playlists were never updated. To make a long story short the station dropped. I really dont miss it but I do miss the concerts free or other wise, this internet thing is much much better! I get to hear what I want when I want keep it comin
    Bigg Steve in Big "D"

  2. There's absolutely nothing better than Love the site. Now if I could only get it in my car, I'd be on a constant high! Pun intended!!!

    Houston, TX

  3. Bom Dia! I love your it possible to hear any Brasilian Bossa..or is that NOT jazzy? (enough)? Hunt, in Phx.Az.

  4. Finding guys I have never heard before. Is there anyway to listen to one performer's whole CD?
    Love the Christmas tunes. Keep them up for all of January, if not longer.

    Toronto, Ontario

  5. What is this station's obsession with Jeffrey Osborne? I like most of your music but I hope he is paying you well for getting played 3-4 times per hour. A Big No Thank You.


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